Thursday, June 12, 2008

Starting a blog, Blogger vs iWeb/MobileMe

Last week I decided to start my new blog. As I have been very satisfied with my Macbook pro and the iPod touch, I decided to use iWeb and try out the .mac service. I went and bought a copy of iLife 08 and got started. So here is my experience:

The design of the templates of iWeb looks pretty neat and I created a blog that I was happy with. Then I uploaded it and then I started getting a little skeptical. First of, the site was very slow, I asked some friends and they said the same thing. The fonts had a different color than they had in iWeb and some of the links also had different colors. This might be a minor thing, but when Apple locks everything so thight that you even can't access the HTML code, it better work. Then there were absolute no statistics information, you could but a web counter there, but that looks to old school. So I went to check out Google analytics to compliment my solution, but you had to put some HTML into your page, witch in iWeb I don't get access to. I found a work around for this with applescript, but it turned me off. The last thing that bugged me was the internet adress I got, it looked like this: Soon Apple will replace .mac with .me and call it MobileMe, but exept that, they are still going to use the same clumsy adress, It's to long and it's not practical.

All this made me look for another solution, and after trying out blogger, I found it so much more open and accessible than iWeb. All the problems I had with iWeb went away. It was fast, I could quickly edit the HTML, and is a far better address. Blogger is also a free service while .mac cost 99$.

The one thing that was better at .mac was the design templates. But is that worth all the trouble? I'm setting upp a poll on the right side, you decide.

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